Get started in real estate for as little as $100

Get started in real estate for as little as $100

Get started in real estate for as little as $100

An easy-to-use real estate app that makes building your real estate portfolio faster, easier and more accessible


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How It Works

Download & Sign Up

The Ekta Real Estate app is available on May 19th with property available to purchase for as little as $100USD

Verify Identity & Add Funds

Use one form of ID to verify your identity & transfer funds via debit/ credit card, bank transfer or crypto transfer

Purchase FREM

Browse the Ekta Real Estate marketplace for a FREM that interests you and purchase the desired amount

Provide Services & Earn

Fractions of Real Estate Management allows you to assist in the management of the property to receive earnings

We're changing the way you buy and sell real estate

Faster, Easier & More Accessible

The traditional real estate market is slow, difficult and has many barriers to entry. The Ekta Real Estate app removes the financial barriers to entry, hidden fees, bank processes and the difficulty in raising funds.

All of this, and much more, inside an easy-to-use app created by real estate professionals for real estate enthusiasts.

Get started for as little as $100 USD

Get started in real estate for as little as $100 USD using your debit or credit card, bank transfer, or crypto transfer while paying 0% fees on purchases. Diversify your portfolio with properties that have been pre-qualified through a due diligence onboarding process.

Getting into real estate is now easily accessible at almost any budget.

Sell more property faster for less

Through Fractions of Real Estate Management (FREMs), the buyers market greatly expands to more buyers around the world than the traditional market. A FREM can be purchased for as little as $100 USD which allows a real estate developer to sell more properties to more people.

The Ekta Real Estate app offers up to 50% less fees than traditional markets and generates a 1% royalty on secondary sales back to the property owner.

Ekta Real Estate app

The DREAM Program unlocks your commission

The Digital Real Estate Affiliate Model Program is a simple referral system built into the platform that lets you easily share the app with your friends, family, followers and network.

Earn 2% commission from purchases made by everyone who signs up from your referral link. Track your sales through the in-app dashboard and see how you stack up on the leaderboard.

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Summary of Ekta Real Estate

Entire Property

Property developers can list an entire property for single buyer purchase

Real Estate Management

FREMs offer an opportunity to expand the buyer audience

Get started in real estate for as little as $100

For a further a deep dive into how the app works, secure your seat below to join the latest webinar hosted by our VP of Ekta Real Estate, Blake Bevon


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