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An easy-to-use real estate app that makes building your real estate portfolio faster, easier and more accessible

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We're changing the way you buy and sell Real Estate

Faster, Easier & More Accessible

The traditional real estate market is slow, difficult and has many barriers to entry. The Ekta Real Estate app removes the financial barriers to entry, hidden fees, bank processes and the difficulty in raising funds.

Get started for as little as $100 USD

Get started in real estate for as little as $100 USD using your debit or credit card, bank transfer, or crypto transfer while paying 0% fees on purchases. Diversify your portfolio with properties that have been pre-qualified through a due diligence onboarding process.

Sell more property faster for less

Through Fractions of Real Estate Management (FREMs), the buyers market greatly expands to more buyers around the world than the traditional market. A FREM can be purchased for as little as $100 USD which allows a real estate developer to sell more properties.
Ekta Real Estate app

The DREAM Program unlocks your commission

The Digital Real Estate Affiliate Model Program is a simple referral system built into the platform that lets you easily share the app with your friends, family, followers and network.

Explore the Ekta Real Estate Solution

Low barrier to entry

Buy fractions of real estate management (FREM) for as little as $100 USD with $0 fees

Easy way of purchasing

Purchase FREMs in under 5 minutes with your credit card, debit card, bank transfer or crypto

Familiar interface

A similar app to Airbnb that is easy-to-use for all types of real estate enthusiasts

Lifetime commissions

Earn 2% commission for everyone who purchases through your DREAM referral link

Affiliate dashboard

Track your referrals and commissions easily with an in-app dashboard system

Turnkey sales solution

The app includes education and property documentation that build trust with buyers

How It Works

Download & Sign Up

The Ekta Real Estate app is available now with property available to purchase for as little as $100USD

Verify Identity & Add Funds

Use one form of ID to verify your identity & transfer funds via debit/ credit card, bank transfer or crypto transfer

Purchase FREM

Browse the Ekta Real Estate marketplace for a FREM that interests you and purchase the desired amount

Provide Services & Earn

Fractions of Real Estate Management allows you to assist in the management of the property to receive earnings

Our Global Partners

Entire Land

Properties recently purchased by our customers

100% Sold out

for rent



35 m2, 50 m2, 80 m2

price from 190.000€





150 m2, 180 m2

price from 250.000€





50 m2, 70 m2, 100 m2

price from 150.000€

Our Supporters In The DREAM Program
Say It Best

“It’s about time an app was made to offer fractional real estate. The ERE app will extend my sales even further”
Andy Campbell

Andy Campbell

Real Estate Developer & Property Investor

“The Ekta Real Estate app offers an incredible opportunity for everyone to get started in real estate for as little as $100”
Jake Snow

Jake Snow

Travel Influencer & Real Estate Entrepreneur

“I’m excited to come on board the DREAM Program and I’m also interested to buy some properties from a personal level”
Neil Coningham

Neil Coningham

CEO at Sunny Coast Media & Real Estate Investor

“The ERE app is a great platform to help people begin their journey in real estate while easily utilizing blockchain tech”
Grace Sabandar

Grace Sabandar

Indonesia Blockchain & Metaverse Centre

“We have been fractionalizing assets for years and we are excited to now offer our network FREMs”

Andrew Morbitzer

Ex-Wall Street & XCO2 Clean Energy Entrepreneur

“I am excited for ERE because my followers would love to start their real estate portfolio and this is the best app for it”
Gabby Allen

Gabby Allen

Fitness Influencer (1M) & Entrepreneur

“Making music is my passion but real estate builds my wealth and the Ekta Real Estate app helps me to do this faster & easier”


Music Producer, DJ & Leader in Web3 Music

“I have studied EKTA in depth and no other project comes close to implementing this real estate app effectively”

Dr. Trisha Ong

ER Resident Doctor, NFT Creator & Ektarian

“As I transition more into business building, my followers will love the chance to build their property portfolio”

Brandon Myers

Fashion Influencer (407K) & Entrepreneur

“The Ekta Real Estate app is the best way to start your real estate journey with! I’m so glad to have found the project.”
Leah Soliven

Leah Soliven

Consultant at POAP Inc & Ektarian

“Their innovative technology has opened up a new opportunity for me to get started in property with ease and confidence. “
Daniel Boician

Daniel Boician

Quality Assurance, Crypto Enthusiast & Ektarian

“ERE allows everyone to be part of the real estate market and build out a nice portfolio without having to take a loan!”

Mechele Steven

Sailor, Crypto Enthusiast & Ektarian


What is the difference between this and a REIT?

A REIT is regulated which creates a lot of barriers for property owners to list as a REIT, therefore this is only for the institutional firms to create.


Second of all, there are a lot of regulations, people and third party firms that reduce the potential returns of a REIT. The max you will ever see in a REIT is 6%.


The Ekta Real Estate fractionalizes the property management right of each property which allows an easier approach to lowering the barrier of entry into real estate for both property owners and buyers.


We also focus on tourist based destinations that offer higher rental returns than the top performing REITs. In Bali, the average returns a property owner see is from 12% – 24%

Is the app decentralized? Is the app secure & can Ekta Real Estate access the funds inside the wallet?

The app is decentralized. This means that no is in control of your profile or wallet within the app but yourself. You are essentially your own bank. Your funds are only accessible by you and you alone.


The app is extremely secure. All blockchain tech needs to be audited by a third party to make sure the code and contract is secure and no one can be hacked. We passed our audit through Certik.

Is this considered as a security and regulated by the SEC?

These four prongs are what considers you to be a security based on the Howey Test:

  1. Investment of money
  2. In a common enterprise
  3. With an expectation of profits
  4. To be derived from the efforts of others


The app is not regulated by the SEC as it is not deemed as a security and here is why:

  1. This is not an investment. You are purchasing a service based contract of FREMs
  2. The app is just a marketplace. We do not hold any money. The property flows straight from a buyer to the property owner, minus our marketplace fees from the property owner
  3. We can only based a properties performance on the historical real estate data of surrounding environments that can evaluate the current property price.
  4. Every FREM holder themselves will need to carry out voting services, in order to claim earnings, on decisions that will offer a positive growth in the properties performance. This is a Home Owners Association within a DAO voting group.

What relation does the custodian aka the notary/ lawyer have in relation to Ekta Real Estate?

The custodian has no relation to Ekta Real Estate or Entire Land. They are a third party notary or lawyer who acts on behalf of the government regulation in holding of deeds. Each holding is recorded into the digital database of the government and can be seen within the FREM details.

Can a property owner run off with the property and sell it again?

No. The title has an encumbrance sanctioned that withholds any owner departing with and selling on for the future.

How often do you receive earnings from the FREMs?

 In the short term, earnings will be received every quarter. Our vision is to continue to upgrade our PMS and offer daily earnings.

How many properties do you plan to have on the app, so there is more opportunity to never miss out on a sale?

As many as we possibly can. Our goal for this year is to have 20.


2024 our goal is to have 1,000 both in off-plan and built.


2025 our goal is to have 10,000

When do I have to pay tax on the earnings?

The only time you need to pay tax is when you withdraw from the app and into the bank. Every country is different and because you are buying into a real estate business model, tax benefits may come along with things like depreciation and other benefits.


Consult your accountant around tax time.

How do i get my money out of the app and into my bank account

We have fiat off ramp partners who assist in moving the Usdt from the app and transferring it into your bank account.

What is the growth for this type of fractionalization technology for real estate in both the Philippines and worldwide?

Real Estate is the last one to have any disruption, because it is the biggest industry and the technology has not been substantial enough to make real changing benefits.


Imagine how many millions of people around the world can afford $100 a month? Regardless of you are already in property or not. To sell $1,000,000,000 worth of Real Estate, we only need 833,333 active users in the app.


This means we only need to reach 0.02% of the world’s population to sell a billion dollars of real estate. Do you agree that more than 833,333 would love to participate also? That’s why our company goal is to sell 1 trillion dollars worth of real estate every year by the year 2028.

What happens if USDT de-pegs.

 The USDT is backed heavily by numerous financial supports. If signs were to show that a failure is going to happen, our team would work quickly to adapt.


What is more scary is keeping your money in fiat. Inflation kills your financial position more than anything in the world.

What if something happens to the property, like a fire, typhoon etc?

 This is the same as traditional methods. Every property anywhere needs to be insured. The property management side is also insured incase renters trash the villa.


These documents are uploaded into the property onboarding process so our team determines that every property has the right credentials.

Ekta Real Estate Team

Berwin Tanco

Berwin Tanco

Co-Founder & CEO

24+ Years in Property Development around the globe. Based in Bali

Jason Zheng

Co-Founder & CMO

15+ Years in Marketing, PR, Consumer Tech, AI & SaaS. Based in San Francisco

Stephane Michel

Board Member

COO Raimon Land, Director Midera International, Director Merchants of Pleasure
Blake Bevon

Blake Bevon

VP of Real Estate

17+ Years in Startups, Trading, Real Estate & Construction. Based in Bali
Cam Peters

Cam Peters


15+ Years in Tech roles & Co-Founder of a B2B SaaS platform. Based in Australia
Nick Boggs

Nick Boggs

Director of Operations

20+ Years in Operations, Banking, & Accounting Forensics. Based in Bali
Regina Vuong

Regina Vuong


Chief Innovation Officer with 10+ Years in Tech, Blockchain & Tokenomics. Based in Bali
Alex Hogan

Alex Hogan

Project Manager

10+ Years in Engineering throughout projects in SE Asia & Oceania. Based in Bali
Ali Abdilah

Ali Abdilah


Chief Blockchain Officer with 15+ Years in Tech & Blockchain. Based in Bali

Riki Watulingis

Riki Watulingis

Creative Director

8 Years in Content Creation, Social Media & Influencer Marketing. Based in Bali
Racheal Boggs

Racheal Boggs

Social Media Manager

7+ Years in Teaching, Marketing, Story Telling & Organization. Based in Bali
Renata Papakon

Renata Papakon

DREAM Manager

6 Years in Product Marketing and Project Management. Based in Greece

Summary of Ekta Real Estate

Entire Property

Property developers can list an entire property for single buyer purchase

Real Estate Management

FREMs offer an opportunity to expand the buyer audience

Get started in Real Estate for as little as $100

For a further a deep dive into how the app works, secure your seat below to join the latest webinar hosted by our VP of Ekta Real Estate, Blake Bevon

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